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The Power Trio

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The Power Trio, 3 in 1 tool

Have you ever found yourself without a leash when you need one? The power trio solves that problem by having your dog wear their own leash! 

This tool is a fixed collar, a slip collar, and a safety lead for those quick trips into the store or vet visits to keep your dog close to you.  

These are not intended to be used as head halters. For head halters, you’ll want to purchase the Sidekick.

Choose between the Regular size (3/8″ in diameter), and the Mini (1/4″ in diameter) and 2 convenient lengths. As a fixed collar it should fit loose on your dog to allow space to be used as a slip collar for more control when needed. Measure your dogs neck for best fit. 

Medium 18”- Mini only 

Large 22” – Regular and Mini 

Note: The Power Trio DOES NOT come with a safety.

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